Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm back...and I brought a FREEBIE!

Sorry that I've been away for so long... I've actually been honin some of my layout skills by taking part in challenges on my two favorite forums: Been There Scrapped That and Scrap Matters. I also finished my alpha design for ScrapShannas Chocolate Linen Kit. Sweetheart that she is, she told me to post it on my blog and she'd link here. So...WELCOME to all of Shanna's loyal fans (I am one too!). I am honored to have you here. And a giant THANKS and ((HUGS)) to Shanna for the great design and inspiration! Just click on the image below to grab it...don't forget to leave a little love ;)

One of the challenges I did for BTST was "Pimp My Desktop" and we were given this awesome freebie called Summer Splash by Christinescraps and we had to create a desktop/wallpaper. I also incorporated some great elements from Silver Rocket Scraps Sunshine Day Kit and loved the results. I'm giving you a sneak peek today, just because I'm soooo excited, but I'll wait until later in the month to give it out as a freebie if I get permission from the designers. That way you all will have it when you need it :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Crazy Summer Freebie Finale

Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post and my last freebie. I managed to get 6 layouts completed and posted for challenges at Been There Scrapped That. I LOVE this website and the challenges really get some creative juices going. Because of that I've decided that today is the finale of One Crazy Summer. I'm wrapping it up with a Quick Page that includes some new elements AND I'm also giving away the elements in an Add On. It's one single download so just click on either image once and you'll get it all. Don't forget to leave comments and love :)

If you want to see all of my new layouts you can see my gallery at Been There Scrapped That. If you have the time, try entering some of their challenges. It's not really a "win or lose" thing, the challenge rewards compile an entire new kit! I am one challenge short this month, but I'll be in them all in July! Just go to the forum and see what's there.
Below is a sample of a completed QP layout. The download includes the shadow, but not title or photo of my kids :) (I LOVE the cheeky grin on little Mack's face! He was just 9 months old.)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Things...Mini Kit 3 Freebie!!!

How fun is this?!!! I've been working diligently today on One Crazy Summer - Mini Kit 3. It rained so we couldn't play outside until late in the afternoon. So I finished some fun stuff for this mini. My favorite part is the rope frame. I can't wait to see how people use it. I so love incorporating natural textures in a believable way. The kids are having a blast at vacation bible school. I love having 2 hours a day to myself (although I haven't used it to get ahead on housework LOL). Saturday, Zoe goes to her first Girl Scout camp of the year. It's a science fair day camp. She's been growing a FUNGUS GARDEN in a container in one of my cupboards and keeping a journal on what colors of fungi are growing and how fast they appeared. Lucky for me DH loves this kind of stuff. I will spare you any pictures. Okay - another midnght post so I'm off to bed. Click on the image to download and don't forget to leave comments and love....I really read them all and I've been encouraged by those who told me they like the way One Crazy Summer is shaping up. xoxoxo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Word Art Freebie!!!

Wow! I was up late yesterday! I have found a new site I've become involved with and am LOVING it. I actually got 2 of my own layouts done yesterday (after work!) thanks to ScrapMatters CT. First, I saw their post for Tuesday Template Challenge and I coldn't resist. I'm still new at working with templates and adapting them to Photo Paint. I am really happy with te results! Just click on the image to get all the credits. I did, however create the candy corn overlay, the candy corn stickers and the poem (yay me!) I actually have a bunch of neighbor kids in this LO along with mine. I live in a small neighborhood (35 houses) with lots of youg kids, so our lives overlap a lot.

Next I participated in my first speed scrap! I was motivated by the ever-growing influence of sweet Ellie Lash! All I can say is What a riot!! I had so much fun! I didn't say much in the forum because I barely kept up but it gave me a unique LO I may not have come up with on my own! And I fianlly had the inspiration to scrap those brash photos of my son!
Okay, finally what you came for! This word art was actually the first thing I designed to go with the Tin Stamp Alphas and grew into what is now One Crazy Summer. Just click the image to download and don't forget to leave comments and love:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Treat - One Crazy Summer Freebie #2

Am I on a roll or what??!! I was so inspired by fellow designer, Ellie Lash, and her tales of becoming a designer and more, that I actually got another mini kit finished! I'm not promising one every day, but you never know! Today is another work day for me but check back because you never know! Just click on the image to download it. Let me know what you think of the kit so far and don't forget to leave some love!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Mini Kit - One Crazy Summer Freebie #1

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Monday is a work day for me so I'm actually posting this before I go to sleep. My kids start their summer activities this week, so I will have plenty of inspiration for my One Crazy Summer theme. Tomorrow is the first day of Vacation Bible School although I may need to take Zoe to the pediatrician instead. Her fever was gone for most of the day, but returned around dinner time at about 100°. This week's VBS is at the church where both kids attended preschool. Since it lasts all week it won't be a problem if Zoe misses one day. Now for what you all came here for.... my freebie! This kit actually matches the Tin Stamp Alphas which I released on Friday. This will be just the first of many Mini Kits that will make up what I HOPE will be a cohesive Mega Kit. ROFL I would love to see any layouts including my designs. You can add them in comments or use my email link in the side bar. Just click on the image to download and don't forget to leave me some love :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guest CT Contest and other things...

I have been a busy lady. My Zoe girl has been sick for 3 days. Yesterday her fever hit 103° and she's had a terrible headache. I really didn't want to leave her side much so I had lots of time to work on scraps etcetera. I updated my blog template thanks to Joanna's suggestions. I didn't realize I would have to hunt down all my blinkies and widgets again, but it's all chalked up to learning LOL.
I also found a wonderful designer, ScrapShana, with a very talented CT called Shana's Starlets and she is holding a contest for a guest CT. At this point I would LOVE to be part of a CT and this is a great chance for me to get some experience. So I took her lovely kit Chocolate Linen which is this fabulous combination of soft browns, blues and violet and put together a layout. I would have LOVED to use everything in her kit it is so cool. I did create an alpha with her delightful checked background paper (Am I becoming some kind of Alpha Addict or what???? ROFL). Click on Shana's Chocolate Linen kit for the link to her site and her freebie.
I would love some feedback on my layout and alphas. If Shana gives permission I will see about finishing the alpha set as a freebie.... Wish me luck in the contest!!!